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No work about 15 days or more


Hello everyone,

I am posting it again. Actually I didnt get a single order about last 15 days or more. Is anything wrong with the system? Or I am facing this problem for my gig or something else? This is so frustrating now. Please suggest me what should I do! :worried::worried:



Many sellers are facing this challenge right now. My advice: If sales are lower than you want them to be, take this time to promote your gig(s) elsewhere online. Figure out who your target customers are, then determine where those customers are located. Once you know these things, you will know where to promote your gigs. Your target customers are the only people who will bring you sales, and make your gig(s) successful. Do some market research, and then figure out a few creative ways to reach out and capture the attention of your target customers. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your advice bro. I will definitly try this.


You’re welcome. …