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No work at the end of first week

I spent here for last 1 week. But till now I am unable to receive any order till now. How can I get that? I am unable to send a request to buyers. How can I send a request?
Thank you.


One tip from me:

Compare your gig images to others. Check how they can be improved.

Here are some more tips every seller should know [LONG]:


you have to be online for buyer’s requests

Ok, Thank you a lot. What the approx time when I get buyers?

I am not sure, but as better is your gig, it will be as more possible to receive an order.

Try to be online as frequently as possible

try your best ,success will knock your door soon.keep it up good try

Compare your gig to your competitors, DO some gig marketing on Social media, Look for tips in Forum.
Hope you will get order.

Thanks a lot, all. I must compare those.

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