No Work for New User


Am a Web Developer i Spend lot of time there but no one offer me any kind of work on one rate my Gigs


check out : Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Inconsistencies, Etc.) Updated July 2018


There has been so many complaints about this, even I have contacted support. Forget them, the bottom line is, keep your gig stats green, get buyer requests.



I’m sorry, but I don’t think you will get orders.
NOT because you are a new user.

This is what it says in one of your gig description:

✓ 100% Positive Rating
✓ 100 % Satisfaction is our main and first priority
:heavy_check_mark: Fast Response Rate
NOTE: Read our FAQ section below.”

I don’t see any rating.I don’t see any FAQs.
Also ( and I’m sorry if this sounds harsh), but simply reading your short sentence
you posted here I can tell your English is not at business level yet, but one of your
gig description has perfect English which leads me to believe that you simply
copied it from another person.

People can spot a lie very quickly.


Yep. And sellers who choose to lie, are usually the first sellers to fail. :wink:


I noticed that a lot of people contact me and ask questions that aren’t relevant to my gig, and they disappear… Most of them ask for a webcam chat outside of fiverr, and when I explain that it’s against fiverrs , they say sorry and gone.


Spammers, Want to get your attention. They might make you banned, they might market their own stuffs. Anything might happen, you better stick to TOS