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No Work for over a month

Hi guys,
I am working as graphic designer here for two years.I am expert in 3d logos,Did a lot of projects,I am a level 1 seller,provided quality work every time,I am not getting any new for work new clients for one month.Only old clients contacted me .I was very active on fiverr from start,I had average order of 12-14 from last two months,I did improved my gig,Have excellent 4.8 ratting with 26 reviews on logos gig with 5 star rattings from last 18 clients.I am very worried about getting work.I hope some would can help and tell about problem.

My profile link:

Thank you everyone for giving time .


I am also facing same issue. Being constantly active and getting no orders. :frowning:


But, I just saw, you have an active GIG for 3D Logo Creation with ownership. :face_with_monocle:

I hope so to get work soon.:slight_smile:

Yes ,But the recent review is of a project that was started back in feb,It was a long project.The gig stats are droping,I hope problem gets solved soon.Thank you for visiting my profile and responding .:slight_smile: Have a great day.