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No Work on fiverr

I Kanhaiya Soni, Joined recently on fiverr but still no any job or work. Is it Covid-19 reason??

Hi kks_rundra, welcome to the forum!
You are doing one of the most common used category and it is the most crowded place - Data Entry. You are competing with thousands and thousands of sellers over there, and in my opinion, data entry Gig is worthless. There is just way too much sellers on that category to at least earn a dime.

Be creative, think of categories that aren’t crowded (yet), don’t look anything on youtube, it is a reason of why categories get flooded by unexperienced Sellers that want to earn money fast.


you need to ask yourself that , " why a buyer will want to buy your gig, rather than purchasing from the high-rated sellers? , what make you special that buyer will order your gig instead of buying from high-reviews sellers) :slight_smile:

Some sellers are reporting an increase in work due to Covid-19. Others are reporting less.

These forums are full of new sellers asking why they’re not getting work. Perhaps the single most important reason is that the marketplace is flooded with data entry, Photoshop, and writing gigs, etc.

These are some of the most popular categories for new sellers. Because of that, buyers can choose to work with the those who are already established, and often still very cheap.

It doesn’t mean you won’t get orders, it just means you are competing against a vast number of sellers.