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No Work Submitted by Seller!


Hi, this is my first time placing an order on fiverr.
I placed the order to someone stating they complete work in 24 hrs. She gave me a special price and offered to do the order in a week.

I submitted everything required and she agreed to do the drafts and send to me. After the first few days I didn’t hear from her so I reached out. She told me she was sick and didn’t start it and that she was going to on that day. Last night I sent her another message, this time she told me she does not have electricity and she will send me the drafts tonight. She said she was messaging me via her mobile (which needs electricity to charge right? LOL) The submission date is May 29, 2017 (two days away) and I still haven’t received any drafts.

My question is should I wait until May 29th or should I open a dispute and cancel this order prior to the delivery date?
I feel very concerned. What do I do?


of course, you should wait till 29th, also openly say to your seller about your concern that you will cancel if she can’t do it in time…


Thank you Zubarifb.
I am just concerned that she will be able to access the payment and I don’t get my illustrations.

I did tell her I am concerned but she hasn’t responded on that. I will resend a message.


If she’s from Pakistan, then there is an ongoing electricity crisis. Happens every year in Summer with unannounced power outtages. So, wait until the project time has expired and see how it goes.


You nailed it Loyd, she is.

Ok, I will wait. Thanks so much.


You could wait until the deadline, however, the problem is she said the work will take a week, and since so far she had electricity problem, plus being sick, will she still be able to complete the work on time? maybe you should have a plan B and contact another seller, I remember I accepted an order while traveling to a country with internet problems, but I had to deliver on time, and drunk lots of coffee in cafe shops with WiFi to use their internet just to honor my commitments and possibly cost me more than the project income (coffee, taxi, snacks) , I find it very unprofessional to give clients excuses regardless if they are legit excuses or not, specially giving them when the clients follows up with you instead of you telling the client before hand that the work might take longer than expected, I rather apologize to the client and ask them to seek another seller if the circumstances do not allow me to deliver instead of giving excuses and wasting the client’s time.

I hope she will be able to deliver on time.


Please wait until May 29th. Sometimes she will complete your work and deliver you before the deadline. :relieved::relaxed:



She certainly should have messaged you to give an update, but I would give her until the project’s deadline before you cancel :slight_smile:


I would want to cancel personally. I don’t have much sympathy for the kind of seller behavior you have described. The two excuses would bother me a lot. I’ve been a seller over four years and work through any type of crises, every day, including sickness, weather disasters, moving to another city, blackouts, or just about anything.

I also give constant updates and would never let one day go by without an update on an order. It’s simply not acceptable to keep a buyer guessing, without any contact.


Misscyrstal, this really is a big concern of mine. Two excuses, while might be legit, I am still on the other end waiting. She does not reach out to me at all. I have to keep asking for updates and only then I am told of her illness and electricity problems.

I see her online, but she doesn’t respond. Sigh!

Thanks for your contribution.


Definitely cancel! You have a totally unprofessional seller. If you have to do it through customer support then do that and explain it as you did here.


Agreed Sydney and Abdulmoti, and I don’t hear from her unless I request an update. I’m still waiting for a response to my messages this morning (noting her electricity issues).


In the pit of my stomach I feel this is what I need to do Misscrystal. :frowning:


You might want to then, sounds like she’s wasted enough time if she’s ignoring you and making all those excuses. A power outage is one thing, but she should still be communicating if she’s online.


I am a seller, I have faced same kind of issues many times like electricity issue, or internet issues. What I have done is I have taken Plan B and arranged power back up and back up internet connection which is easy to maintain my rapo with my buyers, specially in tuff time I can update them regarding the situation and work with plan B so they know what I am exactly doing.

If she don’t respond to message in proper time frame, just go for cancel.

After all freelancing is about saving time and money not like just wasting time for such things which can be controlled.


i do not think she will do it… you should ask her if she does not reply just open dispute



I sent her another message earlier saying basically: I need to know if she will sending me any draft for the book and I asked her to please respond to my messages.

She replied eventually saying: Wait, yes I am working on it.

She sent ONE single basic image. Not a page… an image!

I spent the last 2 hours sending ‘images’ of what I want. This is crazy!


Just cancel it and find someone professional, you are in Fiverr, plenty of sellers who are very professional, enough of your time has been wasted, move on to the next step.


She won’t, unless you let her.

When you place the order, your funds are placed in an escrow of sorts. Seller only gets the funds 14 days after the order was marked as complete. The order gets completed after she delivers it and you mark it as complete, or, if you do nothing for 3 days after she delivers, it will automatically get marked as complete. Once the order is completed, you still have 14 days to demand your funds back if the seller didn’t deliver what you bought from her.


That’s a huge relief.
First time placing an order so wasn’t quite sure of the procedure.

Thanks so much!