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No work....waiting and waiting

No work for 60 days. How much time does it take to get a job here?
Thank you.

Check this out: for how to get orders.

Read, learn, and take action!


It takes one to 3 months, sends buyer request daily and reaches your customer by the social network.
Bring your local clients here if you can. Wish you best of the luck :slight_smile:

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Well, what have you been DOING to earn your orders in the last 60 days? If you’ve just been sitting around waiting for orders to magically appear, then you might as well keep waiting. Being a freelancer means that you are a businessman, and your gigs are your business. Businesses that just sit around doing nothing usually go out of business. So… let me ask you again, “what are you planning to do to avoid going out of business?”

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Your gig images are just random stock photo or a screenshot, better to put some info as text too. Check other gigs on your category, you will get some ideas.

With your gigs, you also need to add some work sample.

You have one gig that says " I Will Help You To Solve Mathematics". That you offering assignment solutions. This type of service no longer allowed on Fiverr, you could get banned for this.

Now days marrket is too competative, you need to stand out from the crowd to get buyers attention & trust. Have a research on other sucecessfull gigs on your category and update your gig.