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No you can't do it yourself!

Apologies for the rant, just had the most awful experience with a buyer.

Someone asked for a customised landing page, I submitted a budget, they said it was too expensive (it wasn’t, I charge 10x more outside of Fiverr and my rates are still very cheap). Buyer asked me to reduce the price, I said no as I can’t afford to.

Off they went… Came back a couple of hours later saying rate is ok.

I spent 5 hours yesterday working on the layout, from everything they said in the brief (which wasn’t much).

Ended up with a beautiful page, optimised UX. I was super happy.

Sent preview to buyer. They said they were hoping it would be more creative and that they could have done the work themselves! Obviously I requested cancellation straight away, I know enough not to pursue buyers like that. So there goes my time and money.

Point is, just because something looks simple it doesn’t mean is quick or easy to do.

And just because you have photoshop installed don’t think you can replace someone who has dedicated almost a decade to learning and improving their craft.

People really need to stop treating designers like sh**.

I’ve had so much of this on Fiverr in the past week. Most buyers are wonderful, but there’s always a bunch to ruin things…

Unfortunately, you can’t please all of the people, all of the time~ At least you are smart enough to know to cancel before going further with this buyer, who likely would’ve taken your hard work, then left negative feedback, or asked for a refund, or a bazillion modifications. I feel extremely fortunate that I’ve only had 1 or 2 troublesome buyers out of the hundreds I’ve dealt with over the years (some on Fiverr, some in other situations).

Nice rant…feel better? (*)

Reply to @celticmoon: I know. It’s such an hard task finding the balance between pleasing buyers and not disrespecting yourself…

All good now, thanks! Just moved on to the next orders, and thankfully they are all nice and honest buyers. :slight_smile: