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No1 site for fraud

ok so long story short, be careful when you use this website. I’ve worked for 4 people on this website and ive been scammed 2 of out 4.

im actually going to seek some help from the doctors for the stress this website has put me through.

when I first started , this website LOOKED secure … and by secure I mean things people make for you cant just be taken of the internet and sold to you .

the first scammer I spoke to literally ripped a video of YouTube had had 1.1 million views and added a few effects to it and charged me £150, he insisted that it was his own work, I was so happy, so pleased , so confused how he made a video of such quality in such small time, but I didn’t think anything of it. he began to work on other things for me.

one day I thought id upload the video to YouTube and save it as a draft for when I release it (This is the good part !)

Straight away I was greeted with copyright notices and the video was taken down because it had been ripped of the internet and sold to me.

I contacted the team from FIVER and my money was returned. fine all good and dandy.

TODAY 02/02/2020 I just found out another seller I had been buying videos off was re selling videos he had already purchased of another seller on FIVER for Financial gain !!

so it goes like this …
a seller bought a video for $100.
the seller then re sells the videos to me for the asking price of $200.
we agreed on $150

  1. the video rights are not even mine, so if I was to make a killing of a video he could be a ■■■■ and try and claim that it was his video lol
  2. hes making a financial gain from reselling
  3. he insisted that the video was created by him
    4 I told him I was scammed before him (he said he would never do this)

im writing this so people on this site are more aware that there are EVIL people on this website
the amount of people being scammed on this website is shameful.

oh and I forgot to mention. it was the person that made the videos for the guy that scammed me who told me all this :wink:

he insisted I not tell anybody as he was the main customer buying all his videos . and pledged to do videos for me for cheap if I said nothing.

he instead wanted FIVER to remain the NO1 SITE FOR FRAUD

I want every single penny that ive given to this site back. because I don’t want to be apart of something FAKE

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Are you sure he was telling the truth?

Why do you think this? That would go against fiverr’s TOS.

I can’t imagine why anyone would sell videos they got off of youtube. Obviously the person they sell them to will put them on youtube and have them taken down, resulting in having to give a refund.

So let’s be logical for a minute. If the second guy was making the videos he sold to the first guy, then they are new videos right? So why would they then be removed by youtube for being copies?

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Getting ripped things of course sucks, I always invest quite a bit of time to make reasonably sure I only order from sellers who’ll deliver original work. Up to now, that worked pretty well, no issues in 23/24 orders, and the 1 order with issues wasn’t anything fraudulent, and I got a refund (seller never reacted/delivered, I hope she just left Fiverr and forgot to pause her gigs/deactivate her account and nothing bad happened to her).

What I don’t quite understand is the bit about reselling for gain as fraud. While I personally prefer to work directly with people, both as a seller and as a buyer, reselling something for a gain is basically what the whole economy is built on.

But if you actually mean that the fraud part is that some sellers actively present things as if they, personally, do you whole job but in fact outsource the complete job, I’d agree with that being fraud.
(“whole job” because some kinds of gigs/services are complex and include resale elements, like if you order a video with voice over, for instance, the seller who does the video will often if not always outsource the VO and thus have a financial gain by reselling that outsourced part of their gig).

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So the person that made the videos for the guy that scammed you made a video that he really didn’t make but copied off youtube? And now you are going to only buy from him? :smile_cat:

It appears the one you’ve been buying from sells videos for $5, $20 or $70.


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I’m really sorry you had these bad experience from one of we sellers

But not that we are not all the same

I’m really sorry

I’m sorry but I’m also a Nigerian
I agree with you so many people from here tend to be scam others

And if I said I’m not like the others I won’t be believed

But just know that we all can never be the same

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I search the guy’s profile and found out that he doesn’t even have a picture of his real self on his profile

For me i wouldn’t buy anything from someone without a picture of himself shown

Though some other people can just pick out another persons picture and upload

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I’m a fiverr???

Or I’m I the one you ordered from???

Well I wish fiverr help you out