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Nobody answer my Questions :(

this is Jahir
few days ago i ask for “how can i improve my gig ranking?”
No one answer :frowning:
I also ask for give me a rating out of 5 on my gig. That time i had provided my gig link.
This time pleas can any one help me?

My gig link- (Product editing service)

Thanks And Regards
Jahir Uddin


@jahir_uddin check out tips for sellers topic in the forum. that’s so much helpful. Best of luck :heart:


Standard package title is “SPACIAL” - maybe you mean “special”.

Standard package - nr of images in package description doesn’t match the “# of images” value. Neither does the basic package.

ie. Basic and Standard packages say “20 images” in the package description but have “5” set as the “# of images” value.

I’m not sure why you retouch 5 images in the premium package but you say you do 20 images in the standard package (maybe it’s because the premium one is info-graphic images).

If you click on either of your 2 gig images in that gig it shows the compression artefacts in them.

Also you may have too many gigs for background removal/photo retouching (you’re only really supposed to have 1 gig for each service).


Hi, uk1000
Thanks for your answer in details. :heart:

*there have some extra job that need extra time and care. that’s why i put it same rate but it’s not same task.

*5 photos unlimited revision from 20 photos. (there have no option for 20 or more. available unlimited option)

*Yes, it’s because of info-graphic images.

**Specially thanks for last suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks :slight_smile:

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@jahir_uddin My pleasure brother

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