Nobody bother to Appreciate a "Newbie"


My experience as of now is not that good, or say not good at all. Because people don’t care or bother to appreciate newbies. They are supportive but not to newbies, they don’t have time for newbies. Even newbies don’t support newbies.



thanks @grandma you are a Gem


done that @grandma and thanks again :smiley:


Hey I support newbies, if its something I’d like i just buy even if they have no feedback, I’m not gonna loose $ over it so I don’t see why others don’t?!

Good luck I am sure you’ll sell a few, remember too it’s the first working week back from the holidays so things are pretty slow


thanks mate @ozzieuk

If you have time can you rate my gigs on the scale of 10


@doodlevector, it is a bit frustrating because someone put his time and effort and except few nobody cares .

@arnevb, you are no newbie mate, you’re 10 months old and a level 2 seller. LOL anyways you have a good collection of gigs.

@cybercube, you could understand because you’re here from a while but you haven’t got your due.


thanks Grandma you are the Best :smiley:


Hi mate. I’m going through the same thing right now although in a different perspective. Spent hours trying to get the code working for my gig. Offered free trials and nobody took it. LOL. Not even the free trials - which I basically put up because I just wanted to do something. But I take it as a challenge to work harder. Maybe my gigs are lacking something. Maybe I’m not promoting my gigs enough so I’m gonna put that at the top of my to do list today.

In times like these I try to remember and put into heart a famous anecdote. When Edison was asked how it felt to fail 2,000 times before inventing the light bulb, he replied, "I never failed even once. It just happened to be a 2,000 step process."

Not sure if the story is true but the message about determination, perseverance, and not giving up continues to inspire me. Hang in there.



I am also new to this site


Hey, I appreciate newbies. I always buy gigs from new musicians on Fiverr who’s services I can use. Newbies are appreciated, but they just have to keep plugging away.


When I 1st came here, I didn’t sell anything after two weeks, I just kept thinking of what I was not doing right. Till I changed a few of my initial listed gigs, and voilla!!! That seemed to be what was kinda wanted…

My sales rose. Thus; have patience my dear, do a few marketing, list your gigs here and trust me you will get there… We were all newbies too…


I’m a newbie too and yes i think the key is patience,after the first gig you’ll see more orders coming.