Nobody contact me?


I’m member since Apr 2016. I’m level 2 seller and i have 5 stars review.
Response rate 100%
Order Completion 100%
On-time delivery 100%
But i can not understand why nobody contact me since 10 month ago.
Please help me


Let me first of all ask you this:
What Gig do you offer??
What is your response time?
Give me an answer to this so that I can help you out.


Sent buyer request’s offer.


Vector Tracing Logo Or Graphics
response time 2h


i send every day buyer request but nothing change


Okay that is a good gig even thou there are so many people doing that on fiverr here. But not withstanding you can still make it.
First of all try to give more attention to your response time and make yourself available online as often as possible. Also, try to publicize your gig through social media because there are so many people still out there facing one problem or the other when it comes to graphics design but they don’t know how to solve them, so by publicizing your gig it will direct them to your gig and you will see massive turnout.
Also try to create more gigs in line with the graphics design and look into your billing.
Also try to contributes to post I. Fiverr forum so that others will be able to know you and your gigs.

Make sure you have a captiviting gig pic. and make your clients happy whenever they order your gig/s.


promote your gig on social media site like twitter,facebook group,google+ and see the result!!


I also need help regarding this no order since long time but constantly doing promotion of my gigs