Nobody in Fiverr like SEXY photos?


As the title…

I usually sell sexy pictures of me on other websites, but here on Fiverr on my first week of my new gig I had NO ONE single view… I don’t talk about sales, just view… :frowning:



Thanks for your answer.

I can say that on Fiverr there are a lot of this offers, I’m not the first one.

Also, it’s not at all “por.n” pictures, just sexy pictures. Any adult material is not alloweed here and, as you say, it’s easy to find on internet today.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


I see other similar gigs selling every couple of days… maybe I just need to promote my gig… I will try on social networks

Any good experience promoting yours gigs on your facebook/twitter accounts?

Or maybe I have to buy some gigs here on fiverr that promote a message to thousands of member… I don’t know…


I don’t think fiverr is the place people go looking for this kind of stuff. I think the other sellers are probably just getting “lucky.” There are other internet sites where you would be much more successful selling these kinds of pics.

I read in your profile you would like to be a fashion model one day, as a word of advice if you really want to pursue a legitimate modeling career you probably want to give up the “sexy” photos on the internet…not a good look in the real modeling industry.


Hi i know how it feels not getting any sales, but you should tjek out my gig i can help you promot it, its free for everyone but you can buy a top place for the gig.


Oh boy, wait til this seller levels up and the extras kick in !!


Ellen, thanks for you reply. Nice to see (probably it’s obvious… :wink: ) that the only “critics” to my gig comes from womans.

Anyway, just to clarify my service, I’m selling professional pictures, made by professional photographer (I pay them during my job), and the reason I’m selling here is because there is no much places on internet where it’s possible to sell “sexy” photos. Most of websites and people wants only “hard” photo, not just erotic or sexy. There is a huge difference. And i can see that here on Fiverr there are a group of models that are selling pictures every day, so I’m just trying to do the same.

Thanks to all the people for all the tips, peace and love to everybody

Ximena :x :x


Reply to @ximenalatina: No critic here only a word of advice from someone very familiar with the industry. Keep advertising and sales will come eventually.



So it’s just about a month and still no sales. Did you give up?