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Nobody is ordering and seeing my gig anymore!

I had a gig on Fiverr that was earning me great money on the side to pay my school loans. If you searched the keyword to my gig, I would be shown as one of the top sellers.

One day I noticed that I did not get any gigs for a full 2 weeks and when I contacted Fiverr support, this is what they said:

“unfortunately, the service offered in this Gig is no longer in Fiverr’s editorial focus. You are welcome to submit a new Gig offering a different service, and it will be evaluated based on our current editorial focus.”

Why did this happen? That particular gig was the one that was making me money! I am furious and now am backed up on school loans.

This could be because gigs like yours go against websites like Linkedin’s policies. Just like with fake Facebook likes and Amazon reviews, Fiverr is attempting to discourage these kinds of gigs. However, at the same time, you could always try SEO’ing and presenting your gigs a little better.