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Nobody Offers REAL Twitter Followers... and the Fake Followers Are Needlessly Absurd

I do not understand why nobody offers a gig with a modest number (just 100) of Twitter Followers that are REAL and respectable, and decent-looking, an not vulgar, stupid, or obviously fake.

Countless sellers offer 1,000 or 2,000 or even 10,000 Twitter “followers” that are obviously all fake, and that Twitter will automatically REMOVE from anyone’s profile within a few days.

I’m bewildered as to why all these fake Twitter profiles purposefully have stupid, obviously-fake names and self-descriptions… when it would be just as easy to make them have legitimate-sounding names and self-descriptions.

Seriously… does it take any longer to give a profile a normal name like “David Johnson” or “Jane Davenport” … instead of giving them all suspicious and even obviously-fake names like “Paramount Ponty” or “Richardson Richardson” or “Timashoo Bimashoo” or “Champion Conishesh”?

And why are so many men’s names with women’s photos, or women’s names with men’s photos?

And the self-descriptions that say stupid things like:

“I am a bacon ninja” or “I am a beer evangelist” or “I am an alcohol enthusiast”!

It’s so obvious that people in India or Pakistan or Ukraine … who haven’t got a CLUE about American or European names, or the English language… are slapping this crap together.

Why doesn’t someone put together just 100 or 150 profiles that all look REALLY GOOD, and then offer THOSE “followers” on Twitter for people who just want to jump-start their Twitter Profile with several good-looking “followers” to get going?

Am I alone here… or does that not seem like an obvious need in the FIVERR Marketplace that nobody has filled?


i agree.

Of course nobody offers real followers for any social media platform. Nobody can control another person…certainly not for $5.00.

Actually if you use logic you will realize that REAL followers or tweets are not possible to have and sell it here, unless you sell it for BIG money.

  1. Real followers are people who follow you because they like
  2. Takes time to get nice amount (100-200 of followers)
  3. You start selling that here on fiverr
  4. You sell it 10 times, 20 times, 100 times
  5. What will happen with those 100-200 followers after seeing that you are sending links, tweets on daily basis and that they are rubbish? They will stop following you or will just unfollow.

    There is a possibility to require to share only something what is niche specific so your followers dont get fed up of you but in that case you will not sell it on fiverr as you will need niche specific buyers.

    So practically, on fiverr it is practically not possible to get/sell real followers. You can manage to have something close to that with real people organized to tweet / follow but in that case you risk to get caught using “pattern”…

Reply to @kjblynx: Watched that video long ago and it is very useful. People should see it and know better what to expect from that bought likes. Actually it depends a lot about niche. I had success with my game online when promoted on FB but it is easy for people to really like FREE GAME… but it is not easy to just pay and find people who will like screwdrivers page with… So in that cases FB will cheat you just to achieve those numbers you plan to pay for :slight_smile:

I can add some more interesting stats to my math…

So you have 200 followers and even share something niche specific… How many people will see it ? Maybe 10-20… So let it be 20… How many of 20 will like or retweet? Not many! Not to mention that you will buy someone to go using your link and FOLLOW what you offered. So maybe one in 200 if what you shared is at least decent value.

1 in 200? So to sell someone 100 followers you will need like 20.000 of your own followers :smiley: Person with 20.000 REAL followers for sure have a reason to have them, so he is successful in that field and makes money! Why would he sell it for $5 to his real followers ?

So again, not possible to buy/sell tweets/followers on fiverr or any marketplace website. If you want REAL tweets you CAN BUY them but you search twitter for someone in YOUR NICHE and ask what would it cost to share your link to his followers? You will be surprised with price you will hear in most cases :smiley:

i think what most people look out for in likes is to give their account some leverage in terms of popularity, lets face it nobody will view an account with a few people as followers, i once bought twitter followers on another site about 6000 of them ,quite a number dropped but i have been having new followers everyday since then and the account keeps growing even without external influence.

There is no easy way to success and sales in business. Just like there is no easy way to popularity on social media sites or in real life. Be yourself. Be engaging. And work hard. if people see these things… they will be more likely to follow what you have to say or sell.

That’s not the problem. It isn’t the number of LIkes, the Names, etc. It is simply against Facebook TOS to buy Likes. It doesn’t matter if it is 5 or 5000 - real or fake – you can’t buy Likes – you have to earn them legitimately.

Reply to @steveeyes:


Thanks for all the replies… but allow me to clarify: I’m not talking about 100 to 150 TRULY REAL followers. No. Rather, I am talking about 100 to 150 fabricated “followers” (yes… fake), but who LOOK normal, and real, and have normal names, and a properly gender-matched name-to-photo, and who have self-descriptions that are thoughtful and intelligent (not silly, absurd, or even offensive). I would like to know why no FIVERR seller offers such a thing, for which there is certainly market demand. They could sell the same 100 to 150 carefully-crafted, high-quality, “followers” over and over again.

Reply to @mjljiii:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter whether the likes or followers would be real or fake, it’s still against the rules to sell ANY social media likes or followers here on Fiverr. :slight_smile: