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Nobody’s buying my gigs... what should I do?

I just want to know how can I get my first order and if there’s something I’m doing wrong with my gigs, because I’m new at this and I don’t know if I’m doing a good job with this platform. Am I just supposed to wait or should I do something?

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You could check the buyer request page and send offers if you see any requests you can do. Though it doesn’t always show requests.

For your translation gig you could put the languages you translate from/to into the title of the gig. That could help with searches.


Your profile says you joined in July. It’s only the 5th of July today. Sometimes people have to wait a while before they receive orders.

Am I just supposed to wait or should I do something?

Fiverr will send quite a lot of traffic to your Gig, even if you don’t do anything. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll convert that traffic into sales.

You’ll still need an optimised Gig to do that (attractive pictures, samples, convincing text, etc.)

The Seller Help Centre has lots of articles about optimising your Gig:

This forum also has lots of interesting articles that have been written on a number of topics, including Gig optimisation. Here’s one, written by a Fiverr Pro: Ten Tips to Optimize Your Gigs, Create Trust, and Get Sales.

In addition to earning sales through the on-site search engine, you can market yourself off-site or use the BR feature UK1000 was talking about.


About the buyers requests… I can’t see them, when are they going to be available?


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you need to share your gig links on social media daily then you will get more order thanks

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If you click the buyer requests option and none are shown in the list, you could check a few times a day. It depends how many buyers have posted them. New sellers get less shown because they can dispapear quite quickly if a certain number of other new sellers post offers to them (I think when about 10 new sellers post offers to them the request will disappear from the list/not show when the page is loaded/refreshed). When you reach level 1 you should see more requests or if you create more gigs in more categories you may also see more requests (though still very few compared to level 1 sellers).

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I am also facing same problem and did’nt recieved any order yet. If you found any solution please share with me.
Thank you:slightly_smiling_face::innocent:

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sidrabashir888, one thing that could be done is to make the gig image more readable in searches and the profile. Because of the aspect ratio of the image, text is getting cut off on those pages. You could try making the aspect ratio more like 1.6197:1 and checking if it fixings the text cropping.

Also because there is a lot of competition in the virtual assistant category (thousands of gigs) you could create another gig too for a different service. You should really create your own thread though eg. in “improve my gigs”.

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