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Nobody wants to buy my gigs

Hi, I just started Fiverr in November, and I picked Astrology, as it’s a topic I’m quite knowledgable in and have been told I am very good at. Honestly, people just view my profile, few click, few don’t click, and I get a few spam mails. Besides that, I get no offers but yet I see other astrology pages getting 1k+ offers. Can anyone take a look at my page and tell me what is so off-putting? Thank you.

My page:

If you’re knowledgeable in more things, create more gigs because it will get you recognised more. Respond to as many buyer requests as you can. You should also look at tips for sellers on this forum. Here’s the link:


That’s a good idea. Thank you! I’ll try to put more gigs up and see if that works. My page does look a bit bland now that I look at it.


Did you close the other account before opening your current one?

I’ve edited out the rest of my post as the advice no longer applies. :slight_smile:

Second edit: you could talk a little about why a buyer should hire you over a competitor. Your gig text kind of sells me on the idea of buying a chart, but it doesn’t really sell me on you, if that makes sense.

A small paragraph on your experience or qualifications could be useful. Maybe include info on special skills or abilities you have.


Also, you may wish to format your description in order to make it more effective. Remember, most people on the web skim read. You might find you have more luck selling your gigs if you highlight your selling posts a little more. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of bold text and the stress sections of your text (such as the beginning and end).

If the average person will spend only a few seconds reading your gig text, you want them take away your key selling points if nothing else.


Yes, I closed the other account and made this one. It should no longer exist or be searchable!

I will definitely try to add more on my personal skills and more details about me. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Also I will try the bold text method. Wish me luck!

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First you tell you got two accounts. That is not legal in fiverr. Secound I recomended you to create different 6 gigs and after check always buyer requests

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I deleted the other account. It is not longer accessible.

Do you think the photo I put matters? I mean it does affect the first impression of the buyer. I’m going to start making more gigs and see if it works. So far I have had no luck. I created a second gig.

I saw your profile and you choose a cool path. I like it I found some problems with your gigs,
Please add more images. You can add up to 3 images. So use it.
If you can create small gig video
Your description is too short. Please write a description Clear and attractive.
And you need to add clear tags in your gig ( I saw that is clear)
Always check buyer requests and request them.
Keep in touch in this forum
I hope you can success :grinning: :grinning:


Thanks! Astrology really is a fun passion of mine.

I just changed my profile and there are now a total of 3 gigs. Each gig has a detailed description (at least I think it does) and clear tags. If you have time, I could appreciate feedback.

How do I send buyer requests by the way?

I noticed my first gig has the most views, but my other two gigs have 0 views or clicks. I don’t really know why…

Share your gig with others. And we can send our 10 offers to buyers in one day. So check it always. Understand, every time does not show buyer requests. So we can’t mention what time when buyer requests post but many of buyer requests post in-office time. So you should check always your buyer requests

If you still have that views a problem. I think the best way is to contact CS. Because I think your that gigs do not show in search results. So you can check it

Wait I will give you the link for check gig status: You should enter your gig details and they will show If your gig active or not


Especially don’t lose your targets :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: Be positive. All the best