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Nobody's Buying My Gigs

I made a Fiverr account (about a week ago) so that I could advertise my services as a lyrical ghostwriter.
However, nobody is purchasing my gig (I’ve had one on-going purchase so far).

Why is this?
There is definitely a market for what I’m offering on Fiverr and I am undercutting most of the competition.

I think that I have a good name for my gig and a good description.

Please, can anybody give me advice on how to improve my custom?
I have been advertising my Fiverr gig externally, too.#

This is a link to my gig:

You don’t have any gigs on display!


How to you expect to gain buyers, if you have no services to offer?

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I can’t see any gigs, but I can see a 1.1 average rating from seven reviews…maybe that’s why?


You need more traffic on your gig but real traffic then you will get order soon

Having looked through the forum there is another account called the beast_ posting under My Fiverr Gigs which seems to tie in with the image on this post. Have you 2 accounts or is it a typo?


Sorry, there was a typing error.
The link has been corrected.

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There was a typing error. I have updated it and the link should work now.

Those “beastly” typing errors. Maybe you will get some help now! :slightly_smiling_face:

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