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Nobody's Purchasing My Gigs

I made a Fiverr account (about a week ago) so that I could advertise my services as a lyrical ghostwriter.
However, nobody is purchasing my gig (I’ve had one on-going purchase so far).

Why is this?
There is definitely a market for what I’m offering on Fiverr and I am undercutting most of the competition.

I think that I have a good name for my gig and a good description.

Please, can anybody give me advice on how to improve my custom?
I have been advertising my Fiverr gig externally, too.

This is a link to my main gig:

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Promote your gig through social media

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Make a bid on your personal blog

And bring traffic with seo techniques

Send daily 10 buyer request from your account.
Daily 10 buyer request + share all of your Gigs on social media.:slightly_smiling_face:.

Then you have a chance to get a new client.:slight_smile:
Best regards.


Perhaps a different profile image might be worth considering. That “beast” creature does not come across as being all that professional. You don’t need an image of an ugly stuffed… whatever that is … in order to brand your persona as a “beastly lyrical ghostwriter”.

Improving your brand image might make your services seem more welcoming.


Haha, thanks.
I’ll change my image and see if it has any effect on my gigs.

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Thank you.
I changed it and got my first order in ages.