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Nofollow, Noindex tags on gigs pages?



Today I notice when strange things on gig pages, whenever I open any gig there is nofollow and noindex set via robots.txt,

I am just worried why fiverr team immplement it? It will remove our gigs from google search results,



Sorry, I don’t understand. can you show a screen shot.


I see it in their main page too, I am assuming it must be a potential glitch as I have no idea why they would put those in their main part of their page. I am hoping that it has something more to do with their Fiverr mobile page than anything else. I guess time will tell. That will really put a damper on my new gigs I am about to launch if none are even going to be crawled.


He’s saying that from the coding that was placed, “nofollow” and “noindex” that it essentially tells Google and other search engines to no longer crawl and update their index for these pages. It appears to be in the “header” of the page, which means that it is for every page on Fiverr? That seems just weird of Fiverr to do so I can only imagine it is temporary. Perhaps they’re making some internal changes that they don’t want to end up being accidently crawled.



Thanks, Yes I know what nofollow etc is and why it’s used.

I see it in the source code, which the OP didn’t indicate he was looking at.

I took it to mean he was seeing it in the rendering of the page in a browser, which I do not. :slight_smile:


Gotcha’! Wasn’t sure. Well, at least I potentially helped someone else stopping by, then! Ha, :stuck_out_tongue:

backlinkbost said: They have a team of his own gigs. 50%-owned wealth Seua Fiverr. The rest of that is really important gigs. I had previously suspected. They made ​​a strange plan to give workers who are not necessarily professional. While workers with low Levels will be destroyed if they do not have a buyer

Okay, I'll bite...
1. Who is the his in "his own gigs"?
2. What is "wealth Seua"?

Inquiring minds want to know!


It will be great if someone from fiverr team will look this issue,

I think traffic will drop from google as noindex tag clearlly indicating to deindex page.



So you did report this to CS right?



I don’t see it anymore(on the main page or in the gigs.), so I feel as though they were just making a change in their page and for whatever the reason they didn’t want certain areas crawled. So, it was in fact, temporary. Perhaps a glitch, or when they do major maintenance in parts, they want to make sure that nothing of importance gets crawled while actively making changes.