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Nominated for a TRS Level, but STILL haven't been selected

Hello Guys,

I have been nominated 4 times now for a TRS Level and still haven’t been selected yet. I am remaining at a Level Two status. What should I do to get it? Any bits of advice would be very helpful.


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You should keep doing what you are doing and hope you will be one soon.

TRS is hand picked by the editorial team so we don’t really know what criteria they look for. Usually, they also do not like to saturate the market with too many Top Rated Sellers.

It is also worth noting that you do not need to be a TRS in order to be successful here. Focus on being a great Level 2 seller, and if Fiverr thinks you should be a TRS, they will promote you.


This is the simple truth. I am in the same position too. Got nominated twice now, but I won’t let that get to me. I will continue to offer quality until the Fiverr’s editorial team establish that I am fit to be a TRS.

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thank you very much for your response :slight_smile: