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Non Bank Transfer method

Hello, I want to know how I can get payment by non Bank transfer funding. I have linked my fiverr account to payoneer account and every money that I withdraw, it goes directly to the linked bank account that I surely don’t want. So, can I link my payoneer account to non bank transfer thing. Please share your valuable comments. Best Regards!


Well you can order payoneer card and money will be already on your card (so no need to use your national bank), but recently payoneer had problems with the bank, that issued cards, or you can order Fiverr revenue card

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You have to link your credit card either way. Just use PayPal. The money will be kept on your PP’s account, and whenever you want to, you could withdraw them to your bank.

Can you please guide me how to get payonner card?
As I am new in this platform so don’t know much.

Good suggestion but I don’t wanna use paypal

You can do it directly from your payoneer account - in settings. There is a a $29.95 annual fee for this card, they will send it directly to you