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Non-disclosure agreement

since its not possible to reveal buyer /seller names for each other, why fiverr dont take sellers information and keep it confidential with offering NDA that can be used to protect the project privacy for service buyer, and in case of proving that, and the seller did do anything about the confidentiality of the project, the buyer can request to reveal the seller information from fiverr with the signed NDA after he prove what happened.
im sure all the buyers will not have problems in paying extra for such a service in case they need to make sure that their project are kept private, and that will lead to make the seller life easier, while working on something that is confidential for the buyer


That might be the longest sentence I’ve seen on the forum. I tried to understand what you meant, but I honestly could not follow it. Perhaps you could try saying it again with a paragraph of shorter sentences. I’m not trying to be snotty, I also have a tendency to use too-complex sentences. I just can’t respond to you without understanding your points.


That cracked me up so hard! omg :rofl::laughing: :smile_cat:

@salehammar Here’s what I have to say about your post (based on what I understood)-

I think Fiverr likes the sellers to interact with the buyer and to negotiate all the requirements of an order on a one-to-one basis.

I think Fiverr likes to stay out of such things as non-disclosure agreements and negotiating on behalf of (or acting as an intermediary between) a customer or a buyer.

I do have to give the OP props for length alone. Amazing.


What it’s needed is a veeerrrryyyy big lung just to try to say it out loud :roll_eyes:

Not even a coma!.. well, yes, just one! :flushed:

Yep, I count one comma. Granted, I think there is no period, so perhaps the sentence isn’t even finished yet. It may become longer if we wait.


hahahaha, you read my mind, I was just thinking that same thing too! :joy:

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I think NDA’s and project privacy are overrated. Suppose a famous advertising agency hires me to do a job, suppose I tell all my friends. How will that hurt that agency? It’s my word against theirs, they can deny they ever hired me and I would look ridiculous.

Even if I have screenshots, anyone can create a Fiverr account and call it whatever they want, and not just on Fiverr. If you’re not on Facebook, I can take your name and open an account with it.

Suffice to say, sellers here make money by delivering orders, not by gossiping about their clients. NDA’s are totally unnecessary and a waste of the sellers time, not to mention paper since I refuse to print something, sign my name, and then scan it. I also refuse to reveal personal information to my clients.

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Actually, it’s possible for sellers to ask Customer Support for permission to sign non-disclosure agreements. Some sellers even state in their gig description that they sign NDAs, so you can try looking for them. Just keep in mind that Fiverr is a global marketplace, and that, even if the seller signs a non-disclosure agreement, you’d have to deal with international laws if anything goes wrong. It would be complicated and costly, and it would probably cost more than the damage the seller did.


actually in my case, i need to get a signed NDA with the seller.
in order to reveal more information about the product, and make the seller"service provider" have access to sensitive information for development.
usually that is required for code writing , and because it might be related to on going development for a project .
here the developer can easily take all the code once he/she have access to repository.
with a signed NDA “even if its digital”, it can prevent the hassle of worrying about the security, and make the seller/buyer focus on the development .
the buyer"client" will not get the seller information, unless there is a proven reason to do that .
all the information can be kept secret and secured by Fiverr , and “Fiverr” can offer it as an extra service for clients.

thank you , i didnt know that !

Maybe you’ll find a seller that signs NDA’s. Either way, how will you know the seller is giving you his real name, address, phone number, etc?

If he uses fake information, how is that NDA valid? How will it protect you?

I really hate when clients come and ask me if I’m willing to sign a NDA. Sure here’s my real name… McNugget VonSnuggles.

Non disclosure agreements are not going to be worth much if you do not have them noterized, do not know their mailing address or home address, and they do not live in the same country you do.

As was mentioned they can put any name not necessarily their own.

Especially for a $5 order.

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