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Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements

I have been asked by a potential buyer if I would be willing to sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement to complete their work. I would never disclose or share a buyer’s information, but I’m also not a lawyer. Is signing one of these agreements acceptable to Fiverr’s TOS? The order would be rather significant and I don’t want to turn them away.


Some sellers are asked to sign nondisclosures because in order to perform their gig they have to view material which is sensitive, involves legal or medical matters, has to do with unresolved criminal matters or not-yet-published materials. I’m sure there are lots of other reasons, too. The jobs could be editing, creating PDF’s, transcription, things like that. Not signing the non-disclosure I’m sure will result in not getting the job. By signing it, you agree to keep the information it contains private, not discuss it with or allow it to be viewed by others, or do anything to benefit yourself with the information it contains. All pretty straightforward.

I recall someone here on Fiverr posting that she signed a non-disclosure before doing something - I think it was edit - a police document.

You will have to put personal information on the form, to what extent I don’t know, but some exchange of this type of info is allowed by Fiverr, for example mailing addresses for items that must be shipped, and I don’t think filling out a non-disclosure is against the TOS because of what it’s for, but to assure yourself completely, in case things have changed or the person whose post I read was incorrect and therefore I’m giving you the wrong information, you should contact CS.

I am a transcriptionist and I signed one recently. I only had to give my full name, so it wasn’t a lot of personal information (no address or contact info). I was happy to do it.

as a buyer, I would always ask a NDA to be signed for an important work. I don’t ask one for small gigg, … but sensitive work needs a NDA. I confirm that otherwise you won’t get the job. It’s no problem for freelancer to sign one if he has good intention. Just don’t forget to prior ask seller before saying you did something for him NDA specify if you allowed or not, but you can always ask for it. Fiverr has now a PRO selling option. NDA request will there be more frequent as it is the use fro Pro Freelancer. Hope it helps.

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