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Non Fungible Token NFT?

It seems that we can sell our digital pieces of artwork (images, videos, music) as NFTs…

I have difficulties understanding what is it exactly. Can someone explain to me? :thinking:


Basically NFT means that you can publish any digital artwork on blockchain-based platforms as your original work, add it on auction, sell it for large amount of money (if you have high exposure) and every time someone resells you get a fee, because on the blockchain every actions is recorded and everything is easy to trace, so your name is always behind the artwork.

Like, someone buys your artwork for $10 and after 10 years someone wants to buy it for $1 million, you will get a fee of 10% into your digital wallet.

For the rich people that means investing money in famous artists so they can resell it for higher amount or just to have a luxury digital collection.

It’s pretty revolutionary, because now digital art have a value like a traditional art.

The bad side of this - demand of electricity to put one artwork on a blockchain is huge and it will have a devastating impact on the environment. But there are plans and donations to speed up research for eco technology, so the future is bright for the artists. :slight_smile:

Also, if you make NFT artworks via Fiverr, you are just giving ownership to the others. Here is my discussion on this topic NFT art and ownership


Instead of using Ethereum you can use another chain such Phantasma to mint your NFTs. It’s efficient and would cost you pennies instead of 100s of dollars as in Ethereum. They too have a marketplace called Ghost Market where you can publish your NFTs just like Rarible, opensea etc…


thanks for sharing,
I’ve been thinking about it for a few days now. I really wanted to understand what NFT is