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Non GIG related buyer request with Huge offer


Hello Please let me know If you have the same experience. Here’s the story.

I am giving cartography services. But buyer ask me to create a video record of my self (a video footage of a man relaxing and frequently pounding on the wall to quiet his neighbors.) and offering me 350$. I asked why me ? said that I have the look that he/she have been looking for.

Related fiverr account have create in this month ( 2019, February ) Is it seems like a scam or fake one ? Help!!



You do not have any gigs that offer video making services, right? If you want to, you can just refuse the offer purely based on that alone.

However, would you be able to make one if you wanted to? Do you have the resources/knowledge to do that? Even if you were willing to offer such a service as a one-time thing, there is something very fishy about the offer. The person wants to offer $350 to someone who doesn’t even offer video-making gigs to make a video for them? It does seem very fishy. If I were you, I wouldn’t accept such an offer — irrespective of whether the buyer’s willing to pay me $100 or $1000. There is always a possibility of an order cancellation or PayPal charge-back after delivery, too.


The bit about seeing a sample before I hire you says it all!


May be fake or can be real. Once it was happened with me . One buyer sent me message to make some photoshop editing . I was just surprised that I am not a graphics designer but why she asked me for that… But I had told him nothing because I have experience of photoshop .I have completed that work and after completing the order I had asked that where you have seen me that I am a graphics designer He told that He haven’t seen anywhere he was browsing fiverr from mobile and by watching my gig photo He thought I am a graphics designer. He just checked my profile and surprised that I haven’t mentioned anywhere That I am a graphics designer. After that I have added my experience of photoshop in my details and Without creating any gig Sometime I do graphics design and seo work …:grinning::grinning::grinning:
I have completed 4 orders of Just graphics design.

My theory “I will not let the buyer go to any other person If possible I will do the works” Or I will learn and do the work .If possible by me


This is fake. Say no, then do not answer him at all again. He just wants that sample for some reason.