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Non marketing guy😁


Is there anyone without marketing out fiverr and got orders just depending on fiverr
Lazyyy :blush:

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I’m sure there are people who get an order or two by just making a gig. They probably aren’t very successful unless other factors are involved. If your goal is to be lazy and maybe earn $4, it could happen.

There are more sellers who have become reasonably successful without off-Fiverr marketing, but they still weren’t lazy. They started when Fiverr had less competition, they created unique services and their gigs were polished. They knew how to do the services they offered. Most over-delivered in the beginning and were very fast. That is less common now, but still possible if you have the “X Factors.”

Edited to add - I took a look at one of your gigs. Your description had errors and was just a few words. Your gig images were difficult to read and weren’t logical. You could still make a few dollars from some curious buyer, but I have no clue what you might deliver based on what I saw. One of your gigs is priced at more than $100 and the title says " I Will Elegant Great Designs Professionalmodernunique."


I agree about 90% with what @fonthaunt said. :wink: On the other side, it’s totally possible, even now and even in an over-crowded category like graphic design. I personally get quite a few orders (over 400 by now in 2 years), and I haven’t done any advertising at all. Not because I’m lazy, but because I don’t know where to start (spamming on social media is not advertising and my home market is too small and analog to put much effort into it). I’m stepping up my game now, so I will have to figure something out soon…

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Here is the big difference for you, in my opinion. I looked at your gigs briefly as well. Yours are interesting to look at and you have reasonably good gig images plus some portfolio stuff. Your gig description are well, descriptive! You have something to showcase for buyers who are browsing. That may not be enough to lead to overwhelming sales, but it’s obviously enough for you to get some orders. Someone who just makes a gig image with a rectangle in MS Paint and writes a vague half-sentence would be lucky to generate a single sale. Just my thoughts, though!


Totally agree with you on that.
(yea, I have to improve my gig images shortly)


I’ll be honest, I did expect this, but when I went and checked your gigs,
I had a major facepalm moment.
None of your designs stood out, your descriptions are extremely short and pardon me
if I sound mean, but I get the feeling you did not put in much effort setting those gigs up. You said it yourself, by looking at your gigs, the first thing that comes to my mind is “OK, this person is obviously lazy”

Is it possible to get orders with zero marketing? YES.
I myself was like that when I started 6 years ago.
Within hours of setting up my gig, I got my first order. I did zero marketing.
Don’t get excited though, I spent HOURS setting up my gig.
I checked out my competitors, made sure my sample images stood out more ( and again, I spent hours drawing them), edited my gig description numerous times before finally posting them.
True, things were different 6 years ago and there were less competitors, but still.

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I’m clearly not raking in cash by any means, but I’ve gotten a fair bit of business (which has really been taking off the past few weeks) with not a peep outside Fiverr.

       ^That's a big part of it.

Actually, same here.
At least for my translation gigs, I do get a good number of orders with
zero marketing.
IF though, my orders stop completely I’m sure I’ll do something about it.
I have NO knowledge about marketing and have zero idea where to start,
but I’d like to believe that if I do enough
online research I can find something that would help. :slight_smile:

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Hello, I don’t understand something. You are new, without any orders, asking $85 for a logo, and your design for that gig is a pink circle with the name of the business written across it.

I don’t see any logo. I doubt if anyone is going to be inspired to buy when your only design for that gig is a pink circle and an $85 price.

Your gig description says “brand identity” and that isn’t really what a logo is.

Your gig description also says you will “design logos for you.” So you are saying you will design more than one, and in only four hours. Do you wake up every hour to see if someone has ordered? Don’t offer to do anything in four hours, especially design multiple logos.

I don’t know if you don’t want a sale but you won’t get one with that gig.

Try making a real logo for your gig, with a $5 price shown. And get a decent gig description. Offering to do it in 24 hours is fast enough.


oh my goodness…

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Obviously lazy. This is not really a design. I took it from your gig that you are trying to sell for 135$. I’m afraid no one will pay for the “design” that their kid can draw better. This might sound harsh but to earn money as a freelancer you need to have a skill or a talent so probably you should start from developing your skills and your customers will find you.


Semms you copy someone price, work on title and description, and start you package from $5


You can get sales from just your gig without marketing, if it is a good gig with a show of talent, a well written description, and an obviously serious impression that you are good at what you do and are able to deliver what you say you will, with a well written description.

It looks like you haven’t looked around at other gigs to get some ideas of what you need to be doing with your gigs. If you saw your gig and needed a logo would YOU buy it from your gig for $85?

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oh my goodness…


Hey all iv read all your comments
Thanku so much for giving your advise ( harsh though😪) and also the f3dback
Ill try my level best to improve my skills will spend time on creating gigs😊
I am new and i want to constantly seek what you guys telme
Now i will work more on my gigs description pricing and look
And want your cooperation again


My advice is you can sharpen your skills through Youtube or other platform.
There’s ton of free great tutorial out there.


Hey yes i use youtube for tuts


Perhaps you will get cooperation. I know that I spent my own valuable time not being lazy and checking out your gigs. I gave you my feedback. I saw others do the same. I will not spend more of my time checking on your re-work since it was up to you to be less lazy. Good luck, though!