Non-mutual order cancellation


Hey guys, So I just had the most disgruntling experience on Fiverr. My experience with Fiverr has thus far been easy and pleasurable, until an order worth $180 dollars which I did more than 3 months ago was recently cancelled. And I’m pissed. After explaining the “what” of the ordeal I am still left questioning the “Why”. Why would Fiverr allow such unscrupulous behaviour to persist? I literally didn’t sleep for 3 days bursting my back for that order only to have it cancelled 3 months later. Lol. And now I owe the company/client $144, which as you all may know, already spent…3 months ago. This discourages me and support is yet to give me a concise solution but I’m hoping they will soon. Who else has experienced this and how did you find your way around it? Cheers!


I’m guessing you probably experienced a Paypal chargeback, which really sucks. I’ve had it happen to me before as well, and never really found a resolution for it since the buyer’s account got automatically closed immediately thereafter.


I still wonder what it is about fiverr’s agreement with PayPal that allows this. It is not universal. One cannot order a $5,000 MacBook Pro from Apple and then simply chargeback while keeping the laptop and the $5,000. There is a process that allows the vendor to issue an return authorization, and once the materials are safely back, the chargeback can proceed. I am almost certain that the agreement between fiverr and PayPal could be changed to prevent this. Otherwise everyone on the planet would have 20 MacBook Pro’s in their closet, for free.


Support explained this to me. Something about payment vendors. But if Fiverr knows such activities are beyond their reach, why shouldn’t they modify the terms to suit such special cases? At the end of the day, my stats are still affected. Why can’t they make special arrangements?


This ordeal has been experienced by many other Fiverr fellow mates. Even I have experienced this issue, wherein the buyer requested to cancel the order after 6 months. There should be terms that buyer should be able to cancel the order within certain time frame. I hope that Fiverr finds resolution for this soon so that it works in the favour of sellers too.


Lol. This is the same logic I put forward. I just used a building instead. Lol. We’re basically doing services for free. I wish they had like an agreement where funds cannot be paid back after a certain period regardless of the situation. And it got me thinking, what if buyers start taking advantage of this by claiming credit card fraud? Payment vendors are entitled to retrieve funds if the client claims credit card fraud or theft. And now, freelancing via online platforms like Fiverr doesn’t seem all that secure. This is a worrying trend.


It probably is not Paypal much of the time. It is probably the credit card company the buyer used. We do not have to pay with Paypal but can pay with a credit card. Visa, Discover and the rest are very liberal with chargebacks in the buyer’s favor.


I suppose, but as my example states, I can’t keep ordering laptops and keep them while getting a refund. What protection could we have that Apple apparently has?


I’m sure it depends on the merchant how the credit card company handles it. Fiverr has to do what the credit card companies want as far as chargebacks much more than a company like Apple.


You may be right, but I sure wish they would look for a solution.


There isn’t really any good solution. Fiverr cannot be blacklisted from accepting credit cards, which would happen if they disputed all the chargebacks.

Look at the nature of what is happening on this site. Fiverr is not in a position to bargain or protest.


We don’t actually know what verbiage protects other companies, that is lacking in fiver’s agreement with Mastercard Visa and Paypal. Don’t you agree that since other companies are protected, there is a way to do it, just not being practiced.


As I said, it depends on the type of business the merchant does. When you have hundreds of thousands of sellers of all types doing transactions you are lucky to be able to get a credit card service provider at all.

And probably 90% or more of all chargebacks on this site are legitimate.


Interesting opinion, but with all due respect, I’m not sure that that is the definitive legal/banking statement on the matter.

What is your source for the 90% legitimacy rate?


I used to sell and service credit card accounts and machines.

If more than that were not legitimate, they would probably be blacklisted. Credit card companies are not stupid.


You are banking attorney?


What? Anyone can service credit card accounts with merchants if they get hired by that kind of company. I was part of the sales force.


Right, but you are stating reasons why fiverr cannot craft new terms with their banking partners.


Fiverr is not the one who decides the terms of the agreement.


Really? Fiverr cannot cut contracts with different banks?