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Non-native speakers in fiverr

Hi: tiny_smile:
I speak a few languages, so there are some tips on writing on Fiverr in English. ]

Different languages ​​- different cultures:
For example - in Spain, when you walk into a store, the clerk says: 'Que quieres? 'This is the normal thing, hope to hear. But what do you want in English? Sounds rude. If the British seller asks me, I will not answer, just leave the store. In Spain, I will tell them what I want to buy and then buy it.

We write some common things in Fiverr to our customers - polite English:

  • how can I help you?
    Thank you for contacting me. I am happy to hear more details.
    I do not know what you mean, can you explain it in different ways?
    Thank you for your order. I’ll start right away
    Thanks again for ordering. If you want to leave a comment, I’m really grateful.
    I want you to know that english is not my native language, so you will see my writing mistakes (grammar and spelling). But please rest assured that I understand the written / spoken English.
    This is your order. Please let me know if you have any questions.
    I’ll see what you sent to me and reply to you in an hour.
    I will be offline for the next two hours.
    Glad to cooperate with you.
  • I need to look at an example before you can promise this project. Please give me a sample.

Some people think using emojis [: minor :: confused :: o] is not professional. But it seems to me that it is not easy for you to communicate in writing (any language) for you, a little smile changes the mood of the message and can help a lot. If you do the actual job is professional, I do not see a little smile. If you click on a smile under the message text box, you will find at least 100 photos of the object / animal / person you can consider.

All in all, buyers have so many sellers can choose from here. Of course, learning or improving your English is great for a lot of reasons. But you do not have to wait until you know the perfect English to start selling your show.

Now, list everything you can think of, and you will write to the customer (questions, answers, greetings, information). Also, all the words and sentences associated with your career. And then translate everything into english. Next, please speak English native or English teacher to make sure your translation is correct (grammar, punctuation and spelling), as well as English good courtesy. [Google Translate is a bad idea! ] Keep these files or files ready to be used when talking to customers.

And make sure to ensure that everything in your profile, performance description, performance, buyer’s request has zero errors. zero! The The

I wish you good luck, I hope you like this process.


Like it! Asking questions is the key to delivering exactly what the buyer wants.