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Non-payment for six days by a buyer


Hello, I did a recording job 6 days ago. When can I expect payment? There us no sign of any payment on my balace sheet. Should I contact the buyer?If he does not pay what can I do?


Did the buyer purchase your gig?

If he did, and if you have delivered via the Deliver Now button, the funds will be available to you 14 days after the order was marked as complete (the order gets marked as complete when the buyer rates it, or, if he does nothing for 3 days after the delivery, the system automatically marks it as complete).


It ws immediately marked as complete, I think. I got 5 stars.Thank you for yor answer.


You’re welcome!

Have you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service? It’s not just legal stuff, they also explain how Fiverr works (including the 14 day clearance period), so you know what to expect.


It is 14 days today, and there is still nothing. I am a bit confused. I need the money.


Sometimes it’s one or two days late. Or you might get it in a few hours.


Just visit the “Revenues” section (accessible from the user menu, Selling -> Revenues). It will show you the status of all your payments, the date when you can expect funds to clear, and a progress bar showing the clearing status.


Thanks I hope the money will be available today. :slight_smile: