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Non Professional Sellers Are increasing Day by Day!

I have Noticed in each and every category that now a days Non Professional Sellers are increasing. Maybe you guys have also experienced . they provide non professional work in cheap amount, hence de-grade whole market rate. fiverr must do something about it .

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I guess that’s what capitalism is all about? If they offer mediocre work, they’ll eventually get mediocre ratings and tank in searches, while sellers offering quality work will stay on top, hopefully be in higher demand, and therefore be able to increase their rates to balance supply and demand to reach equilibrium.


Welcome to the planet earth,what is new there ? And how is gonna someone become professional if he never work what he love ?


Its Not About Loving Profession Brother.
Its about getting some information from professionals and then apply their skills in market ,
hence it will be beneficial for all.

Maybe you aren’t aware, but Fiverr actually started out as an experiment - “What will people do for $5?” - so one could easily complain, “Hey! What’s Fiverr doing with all these professionals? It’s MEANT for people just trying to make some extra cash!”


I hear buyers complaining about going to sellers who do things like not bothering to respond to a new order for many days, or not delivering anything, or not answering questions.

I tell you why, I asked a friend after I ve seen my gig going down the list and not getting any views or a very few, to create a account and contact a freelancer who does the same gig, he’s been offered 2 gigs for the price of one, we bought it, boths articles are just pile of crap, 100% original from a copied text with words being picked up randomly by some kind of software, what fiverr will do? nothing, they still get the share of the sale.


Hello everyone, this is an interesting topic. There is a book my old manager wanted me to read, Its all about how the prices drop due to competition. Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. The Moral of the story, you have to find perhaps by other means to get better clients/work. Thrust me, there are buyers who will buy cheap but regret it and dont get far. Just yesterday a lady complain about a FIVE dollar logo here in the forums? lol. Focus on finding those who are willing to pay what you are worth. This is a level playing field. Best of luck.

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I too have had bad experiences with Sellers when I was still just a Buyer; my point was just that Fiverr’s platform was actually created - originally - for people who weren’t necessarily “professionals” in their field.

At the same time, I agree that even those who are not “professional”, i.e. not doing this for a living or getting paid for it otherwise, SHOULD provide good work, nonetheless. Like, my daughter is a Level 2 and when she started, she was still in high school and just doing gigs for fun. BUT! She made sure the product she provided was excellent, hence her climb within the ranks… Which is the opposite of the experience I had when I was looking for a logo for my band. The person is a Level 2 with several hundred positive reviews, yet I’m starting to wonder if their work was even authentic. AND they got an attitude when I requested a revision and they offer five! So the moral is, not all “professionals” supply the best quality work.


It appear you have a band and you got so much experience here.
what happen in the case of a seller who got my orders which contain my
original music materials and never responded? He’s a musician too.
how do i get fiverr to grant me his real identity because i need my solicitor to
follow up on him?
thats why i got here.

thanks tee_hi and all it may concern

Yikes! I’m not sure how to approach CS with that, but you may want to say you gave the seller original music and you’re concerned about them running off with your work, for their own usage. And maybe ask for advice on how to proceed.

Was the track copyrighted? Just two days ago, we had a few songs copyrighted, but I too still worry about things like that, as we have music free to listen to on Reverbnation, #1 Music, and a few other places online.

yes, your absolutely right. Non-Professional seller is increasing day by day. They are a spoiled marketplace. Non-professional seller did not know the exact price. They do 100$ job only 5$. Then buyer think, fiverr marketplace is low quality work marketplace.

i don’t accept this new comers also need a place for prove their talents

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What if they don’t have any talents at all and are hacks and scammers?

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seen yesterday on request, a buyer asking for 10 x 2000 words articles for $10 yet 5 people already submitted their bid, that’s just insane