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Non-Responsive Buyer


Hi all!! I’m relatively new to Fiverr. Started about a year ago. Just doing small gigs to see if it would catch on. I like it but when buyers are non-responsive and my order is late it sets me back. Is it better to deliver late or ask the customer to cancel and resubmit the order?

Thanks in advance!


Neither of those are good.

What, exactly, do you need from your buyer? They should have already provided answers to your automated order questions, and those questions should be written in such a way that the buyer answers provide you everything that you need to complete the order. The order timers do not begin until the buyer has provided information for you to work with.

Also, if you are finding that it takes a while for buyers to respond to other questions during the order, extend your order delivery times to allow more time for the exchange of information. Perhaps your current 2-day delivery time just isn’t long enough. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks for your feedback. The buyer placed an order back in December. The order timer began immediately. There were words and phrases missing from the order, I asked for clarity. No response. I then asked to extend the due date. No response. Weeks later, now in January, they respond but my order shows “ridiculously late” through no fault of my own. A two day turn around is plenty of time for me as long as I have a responsive buyer. Customer service has offered no assistance and provided no insight with how to deal with these types of situations, which is why I’ve turned to this forum.


You need try each and every day for success.


Try what? Your sentence doesn’t make any sense in relation to this topic.