Non stop request for revision?!


Hi guys i have problem with one of my client and he is worst client i ever met in fiverr. Cause of problem is he is asking me to do (change, modify) the order non stop little by little requesting revisions every time! What should i need to do ?

i already done everything as he asked but he always have complain to change anything… If i knew that before i would never ever accept his order. And i think he tries to get my files for free taking me to nervious…

I want to cancel that order but i can’t because he already got all files he need… so it would be waste of time and effort for me. Where should i need to report that?

Someone please?


Does your gig offer unlimited revisions?


Unfortunately yes! im planning to change that status for 3


I see. Well, legally, then you have to keep revising his order for as long as he asks. Those were the terms you offered when he placed his order. You can – and probably should – guide the order to completion somehow, but until then, you did offer him unlimited revisions. You do have to honor those terms (until you can manage to close out the order).

You are seeing, with this order, why unlimited reviews can be a bad thing for a seller.


Yeah i had so many clients on fiverr and never experienced with this situation also never though about limitations before


tell your buyer to take time to check out the order, and say to note down all revisions in one time. It would be better for you both.:slightly_smiling_face: