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None of my gigs enabling gig extras


im having a lot of trouble and im very frustrated none of my gigs except for my psychic reading gig are allowing me to enable my gig extras when editing. i keep checking my gig extras and saving but then they revert back every single time. is anyone else having this issue?


Have you sent a request to Customer Support? I am not having this issue so far.


Yes I did they told me they did some kind of fix and to wait 24 hrs but its been a few hours and the problem is persistent


so I guess they are still working on it. :slight_smile:


Does anyone know how to Create Gig extras? i cant seem to find how, but i know it should be simple, and im being stupid, but please help.


They fixed all of my gigs except my reviews gig :frowning: and cs is no longer responding


Reply to @azoya186: it can be against Fiverr rules to provide reviews and testimonials. To be more accurate, Fiverr can decide it’s against their rules if the gig appears to break a third party’s site rules. Meaning that you can’t be paid to post a review on a site like Amazon etc…

Of course there are MANY Fiverr gigs that do just that, but since your account has been brought to their attention they may have decided to make an effort to uphold their ambiguous rule. The only way to know is to contact CS about it by creating a separate ticket. Or you could just create a new version of the same gig and hope they don’t notice.


It sounds like you need to clear out your browsers cache - often times it will store old information on Fiverr like this. This will likely fix your issue. :slight_smile:


I write honest reviews which is not against fiverrs rules, and my gig has been up 9 months, and no one has taken it down


I have the same problem. All of my gig extras are deactivated and I cannot activate it. Tried it with two different browsers. Status goes always back to deactivated. :-/ wtf??