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None of my gigs is showing on search

after getting tos violation waning and removing my gig . its been 15 days . i am not getting any messages .why fiverr is overshadowing my gigs ?? are they targeting specific seller ?? the gig they removed is pretty popular there . and tons of other people using same gig . i shared some of the link to them .they didnt give me any valid answer about it . should i quit ??


Check your gig is active or not. Then contact CS for better solution.

My name is Gus and I’m a representative from “The Department of Overshadowing and Covert Repressions” department on Fiverr.

After further analyzing your claim, we have just a few things to take care of prior to your full gig reinstallation in the market place.

Please be aware - These activities could take anywhere from 24 hours to two weeks. Sorry for the flimsy timeline - but this is our busy season. Recently we’ve been overwhelmed with new tasks (due to covid … and Xbox… but mostly covid).

Our normal secret account banning has a three day turnaround. This includes the usual; randomly picking an account to remove from the market place, not responding to upset sellers by pretending to be automated messages, the emailing of your pleas to distant relatives, sending representatives to the Fiverr forum disguised as “members” to pretend like it’s your own fault and persuading buyers not to purchase from you.

These actions serve to ensure that you pass a classified test that we refer to as the “do ya got the guts” test. This isn’t the official name. The official name was an acronym. One of those weird one’s that don’t actually spell something. Like, what’s the point of reciting a bunch of letters? It doesn’t even save time. Whatever, we forgot the dang thing anyways. My guess is that it didn’t even mean anything.

Anyways, that’s where your account is currently. We’re still suppressing your gigs and placing graphics over the top of your descriptions, with phrases like, “Out of Order,” or “Try Again Soon,” or when we feel really playful, we’ll put up a “Please use Stairs” sign.

Normal activity should resume shortly. Thank you for your patience in this unprecedented time.


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check on help and support. whther your gig is active or not

What exactly were you offering in your Gig(s)?

Since you got a TOS violation AND they removed the offending Gig, sounds as though you were offering services that Fiverr does not allow. Looking at your screen name, “nextacademyo”, I have to wonder if you were offering any academic work - or doing things for students? I may be reaching, but, just wondering?

Well, yes, they obviously targeted you since your Gig was removed and you got a TOS violation.

Where? What Gig was popular and where was this Gig shared?

You need to give more facts here before anyone can give clear insight. Otherwise, you will just get facetious replies like damooch gave.