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None Response From Sellers on Fiverr


Am trying to figure out why Gigs sellers do not respond to messages related to requests.

Instead of blasting out requests I prefer to identify potential suitable sellers on Fiverr and message them direct for related work as I have pritty good understanding of the sellers that potentially would be suitable for requirements delivery.

However as of late, I’ve not received any response from targeted sellers. Is that normal or am I missing something here?

Am thinking about reverting back to Upworks as I feel like I’m wasting my time as buyer here…

Before I ditch, thought I’d reach out and gauge buyer opinions on on this strange phenomena I’m experiencing here…


It depends on the Sellers you have chosen to message. Some who have a large queue of orders, may not be as available to respond quickly. Also if they have high inbox traffic, when they do get a chance to respond, it may be to the top few and back to work.
Also it can be a bug on your end. Are you sure the messages are indeed sending? If they are, then don’t sweat it, try another seller or try utilizing the buyer requests. That way Sellers come to you!
This site is huge and has a variety of talented sellers. Don’t give up just yet.
Hope you get through!
Good luck! :slight_smile:


Are you including any of the “forbidden words” in your messages? If you’re writing “email”, “Skype”, “Paypal”,… your messages might get banned and not go through to the seller.
Otherwise, it’s really odd that you don’t get any response from any of the sellers you contact. With all that response rate and response time thing, we get penalized for not answering. Also, are those sellers active in the platform? Do they have recent deliveries?

If you want to check if your messaging system is working fine, you might send a message to me and I’ll let you know whether I get it or not.


Since we are now required by the Reponse Rate feature to answer all messages in our inboxes I do not understand why multiple sellers would not answer your inquiries.

You are not sending offers to sell them something? If not then you shouldn’t have this problem and may want to notify customer support about this.


There are many reasons why they choose not to respond with you. Your request might be out of their skill set. You might be requesting too hard work for just a $5, they might be not working anymore, etc.

First thing before you message a seller is check his status. Check his last delivery date.

Another reason is he might be too busy to respond to messages.

The best thing if he or she is not responding with you is place an order with him/her, he will surely get the job done or message you to cancel the job if he can’t do it :slight_smile:

If what you want is written in his/her gig description, you can directly book a gig and don’t ask a message anymore.

Another thing is when you are asking too many seller for your request, do not tell that to the sellers - that “this message is sent to some other designer so I can choose”. I am not also responding to such kind of buyers because it is just a wast of time.

Just my 2 cent :slight_smile:


Maybe they aren’t active on the site anymore? Perhaps you will benefit more if you try to inquire from sellers who appear online? You can check the box for “show online sellers” as you search for gigs. :slight_smile:


Hello everybody. @koyanni: I got your point. Previously fiverr has the messaging system that seller can send a message to buyer in buyer requests through a mobile app. It was awesome feature. But after some days, a lot of buyers reported to fiverr that seller offer in two ways. 1) through offer 2) Through messaging (They said this “Spam” OMG!). That is why fiverr team has removed this feature. Now seller can only respond a request by offer. They can still do a conversation in messages but first message should be through buyer’s side. Let suppose I can’t start conversation with you. But if you visit my profile and just say ‘Hi’, then we can discuss everything.

If you want to discuss with sellers, consider visiting their profile and hit ‘Contact’ button. First message should be send by you, even if you say ‘hi’. then you both can discuss. Hope this would help.


Can have different reasons, timezone difference, busy agenda. Or they are not serious sellers.

I usually reply within minutes and eventually explain why I will come with a longer reply later when I’m busy or sleep etc.


Foresure, totally understand the timezone difference aspect and or busy consideration.

But after near 24 hours one starts wondering if the dear sellers are serious or not about their commit.

Also don’t think its much of distration from busy work to pop message back stating, “Im really busy right now, can I revert back in next 24 hours or so…”

Anyways, have posted same on Fragglesrock, lead/interest response times have been better there. 2 hours vs near 24 hours…


@ alw1nl. i guess you haven’t found the right sellers and i may not know exactly where you are searching. I believe there are many of them as i am one also. Maybe we can discuss to know exactly what you need done. i have done similar jobs here and on upworks too. don’t just give up yet. cheers


Perhaps you can try to utilize the search feature where you can check “show online sellers”, from experience I find that most sellers reply right away when I inquire if I utilize the sellers who are shown as online.


Hi Belengarcia, want to make sure my note was received. New on Fiverr. My profile keepsing saying it’s not completed and then asks for a Gig (but I’m a buyer).
Thanks much!


you’re replying to a year and a half old thread.