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NonResposive Buyer


Hi…I had a buyer place an order on the 3rd and I delivered in on the 4th, yet I haven’t heard back from them since. The order is due in 12 hrs, so I figure I’m good for having delivered on-time, but now what? Should I send a friendly reminder - ‘Hey, I hope you had a chance to listen to the song. If you’re dissatisfied in any way, let me know so I can revise it’ - or just leave it be? And if I leave it be and there’s still no response within the next 12 hrs, will it be considered “Done”?

I don’t know if it matters, but I know the buyer has been on at LEAST 3x since Sat.


The order will complete after three days; it is the system of Fiverr.
Though you will not get a review if he/she do not come online and receive your product.


Thank you. Do you think I should nudge them or just let them be? As a new Seller, I could really use the Review.


Please don’t - have a read of this recent thread:


Ya! I’m new too, I have the same issue, but I did not knock her. After two and a half days, he came online and gave me review:slight_smile:
So, I suggest you to let the be… knocking buyers for review or money is also against T&C


Oh, ok. Thank you. I guess I’ll just do like the Beatles and “Let it Be”…

One more question and I hope it’s okay if I ask here rather than make a new thread – Once I’ve completed the work and delivered it and it’s done, do I have to ask the buyer’s permission to add it to the Gallery before I do so? My first order was done and the glowing review IS there, but I’d like to add the clip to my portfolio.


The buyer has an opportunity to allow/disallow their work to be included in your portfolio. It’s entirely up to them, and they may not want it there for a variety of reasons.

So, no, I’m afraid you can’t add them yourself - it’s up to the buyer.

Good luck!


Thank you for that; I just recall seeing some gigs with clips of finished work in their Gallery…and now that I think of it, I DO recall that as a buyer, I had an option of including the pic with my review. So if they don’t do that, it’s a no-go. Got it.


Under Selling -> My Gigs, have you enabled the Live Portfolio checkbox for this gig?

Do note that even if this is enabled, if the buyer doesn’t want the screenshot of your work to be included alongwith their review, they can remove it at the time of giving review.


No; I wasn’t even aware it was there! smh Thank you for letting me know about that, consultantindia.


Do enable and use this feature.


I just checked and they ARE all enabled, I think as the default. I think my first buyer just didn’t want to include it with his review, but at least I know about this now…Live and learn.


Yes. Respect your buyer’s privacy and move on!