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Noob at fiverr plz help!

so im trying to sell advertisement for my fragglesrock account, but when ever i make a gig they say i cant give information about another site? That makes no sense to me so how can people say selling tweets on twitter for $5? but i cant sell advertisement on my live stream and say with out mods getting butt hurt about it? maybe check out my gig and tell me what i need to change, they also denied my video because of saying

Alittle lost how this gig thing works any advice would help thanks!

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links are not allowed.

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

You can mention that you are a popular streamer of video games on a popular video streaming platform. For only 5 dollars I will advertise your company name or website on my stream for a day or w/e your arrangement.

I hope this helps. Please be very careful in linking any outside site from Fiverr as it is grounds for termination. Have a fantastic day.

You can try and contact Customer Support and ask for permission to link to that site. I’ve read that is the way to go about when people want to use Skype (which is not normally allowed).

Worth the try, I say.