Noob at Fiverr


Hi, I’m new here on fiverr and I would like to start with the right foot. I would love any advice from someone who has been in the same situation. I would also like to know what people thinks about my gigs so I can improve them.

I do also have a question about the way gigs appear when searching for a specific keyword, what parameters are taken into account to order the results?

Any help is appreciated!
Thank you all for your time


Hello Lucas!

You have awesome gigs! You are on the right way, your profile bio looks good and as well as gig descriptions. But my recommendations will be following:
Changing the gig title to more marketing way, because when people scroll through gigs in the search page, something that will attract them can be 1 word but it has to be clearly identified. For example, you title is: “I will test you website from a user point of view”. In my opinion there is something missing to make it WOW.
Here is my example “I will Test your WEBSITE and Provide Full Report” In my opinion making WEBSITE upper case will clearly have a focus on what you are trying to do. You can also say “I will Test your WEBSITE and Provide Full Report in 24hr”, People always want to get things faster and with higher quality. Since you are just starting here, adding 24 hr delivery can boost your impressions much more.

I hope this could be useful for you, because I was in the same boat like you few months ago.


Welcome to Fiverr… Just keep reading other sections also which are tips for Sellers and Fiverr Stories as well… You will soon understand how things work here and how to get sales !


Thank you! I really appreciate your help.


I will do it, thank you!


Hi Lucas,

You have some good gigs. But I see some grammar and spelling mistakes in the gig descriptions. I can help if you need it.