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Noob in Fiverr Marketplace

I am new seller in fiverr. Why i haven,t had any orders for a long time. What can i do?

Help me please. :disappointed:


You can learn how to connect to your target customers, because those target customers are the only people who will hire you. Who are your target customers? What do they need, and how can your fulfill those needs? Are your services in demand? Are your services marketable?

You likely haven’t “had any orders for a long time”, because you haven’t asked yourself these questions.


Thanks for this advice :heart:

See how many people within that related service you want to provide related services.

I suggest you search on the tips and all available in this forum. I also suggest you to promote gigs on quora.

Your topic title is “Noob in Fiverr Marketplace”. One other bit of advice, if you want to be a successful seller, don’t refer to yourself as a “noob”. You are seeking to become a professional businessman freelancer. Businessmen/women do not call themselves “noobs”. No one takes a “noob” seriously, and I’m guessing you want people to take you seriously.

If you view yourself as a “noob”, so will your buyers… and buyers don’t hire “noobs”.

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Thank you very much
it,s really helpful
Thanks again & again