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Noob looking for a little advice

Hey there. I’m still fairly new to Fiverr, and have been here for about month now. I finally started getting sales last week and got a nice little handful of positive reviews, however this week it suddenly stopped and l’m not getting anything. I know this is a repeated question that’s been posted 100000000000 times, but I would love to get some advice on the matter. If you have time or would like to check out my gig, I would love any advice on it to make sure it’s the best it can possibly be. Thanks for your help I greatly appreciate it!

Your style is really cool. Some of your drawings are great!

Fiverr can be a very difficult place when you’re new. Taking off is without a doubt the hardest part. I think it will happen for you eventually. You’re good enough.

You may want to try specializing a little in the meantime. For example, lots of authors are on here. If you’re comfortable drawing for books and publications, there’s a big market waiting to be tapped into. Lots of people here with blogs, also. They all needs cool illustrations. If you specialize it just allows you to market your gig to the intended audience, which I think will be a lot more effective.

Reply to @sara1984: really wonderful advice thank you so much! I’ve been considering making another gig that is more specific, so I’m going to do that for sure now! you’re awesome! Thanks for helping!

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