Noob Question: Where do I link my Paypal Account so I can get paid?


Sorry if there is a really obvious answer to this, but where do I go on the site that lets me link my Paypal so fiverr can pay me? Or am I too low a level for this still?


Follow these steps:

->Go to revenues Page

->Click on the “Paypal Account” Button,there you will be asked to configure your paypal account.

-> Provide your Paypal Email ID there(Make sure you provide correct Email! :smiley: ), A link will be sent to the Email ID you provided.

-> Log into that Email account and Open Email sent By fiverr, click on that link.

-> Bingo! you payments are processed.

You have to configure you account only once. Then after everytime you click on that button payment process will be automatically initiated!

Also incase if you wish to change your paypal email later on you can do it by navigating to settings page under your username in left corner! :wink:


Reply to @sammalothra: Thank you so much for the quick, clear and concise answer. I appreciate it!