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Noobie on Fivvr

Hi fellow creatives,

Im on fiverr due to loads of creativity i wish to unleash and help engaging brands to their target audience. Im a multipotentialite millennial who believes linear television is dead, esports is bigger than traditional sports and TikTok is here to dominate.

What i tell my friends i do:
Im a creative athlete with a heart of a Marketer who thinks from the customer’s perspective. With my thorough knowledge in execution and strategy im able to develop and execute a campaign strategy, content creation in both execution and strategy.

**What i actually do: ** I take sh*t loads of work out of the customers hands in developing and execute a strategy in content creation and running and managing ads on Social Media, YouTube, (personal) branding strategy, Video editor, all based around the target audience. I have marketing experience in strategy and execution, for the customer im a partner in setting up and reaching goals.

What advice would you give to this impatient millennial noob on Fiverr?



Welcome to Fiverr Family


To get more orders and sales, make your gigs attractive use catchy thumbnails and tags and correct SEO.
Send all 10 Buyer request in a professional and precised way to get orders. But do not fully depend on that, you need to do marketing yourself.
Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks normally to get first order if you send all 10 buyer request daily. For me, it took only 9 days to get my first order. After the first order is completed others orders will follow unexpectedly. You need to be patient.
Try to impress buyers if they inbox you to receive an order.
Keep your work sample / portfolio ready, because many buyers ask for it before placing an order.


Welcome dear

Don’t call people dear. Dear is used as an affectionate form of address (for example, something you would say to your partner), or before a word like “Sir” or “Madam”.

Saying “welcome dear” or “hello dear” to someone you don’t even know is quite silly. A simple “welcome” or “hello” is fine.


Welcome to fiverrr…

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Thanks for youre advice, only thing is in my Buyer request it says: “No requests found.” am i looking in the wrong area (profile > more > buyers req)


Thanks for youre advice

Welcome to the fiverr community. You aren’t looking in the wrong area, All you have to do is keep refreshing the buyer’s request page regularly so you don’t miss it when requests are posted. Also you have to be mindful of the time variation for different countries. As for me I refresh the page every 25mins during the day and at night I check it whenever I’m awake. I hope my information helps you!


Welcome to fiverr, good luck to your :slight_smile:

Are you a language teacher??

No, I’m not.

But I am a native English speaker. I know enough to know that calling random people ‘dear’ is improper use of the word. Anyone could tell you that.

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Welcome to fiverr…