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Noooo Orders After Update


Hi guys! I’ve read the forum and most are the mass of orders they received for the past weeks or so. But I had like, zero! ALSO even the impressions and views. :sweat: I usually have a number of views and clicks increasing everyday. However, today I had ONE. How unfortunate is that.


Why is it that so many sellers are assuming a “Fiverr update” to be the reason for their drop in sales. Perhaps it’s just an organic drop, and people aren’t looking for your services right now. Or, perhaps competition is fierce, and other sellers are better at capturing the market’s attention.

Also of note: You just joined Fiverr within the last 30 days. How many orders are you expecting to receive on brand new gigs, that haven’t even been in the marketplace for a month yet?


Because they finally have something to blame that isn’t them :wink:

Why would people blame themselves, or their gigs? It’s easier to wait for anything else to come up and put the blame on :unamused:


Which is extraordinarily ironic, because it is what they willingly choose not to do (i.e., the hard work of marketing and promotion) that actually is more at fault than anything else that they choose to blame. If you’re just going to sit back and complain, of course you’re success will slip.

Success ALWAYS requires work. It’s been this way since the dawn of civilization.


Some are still living the utopian dream, I guess :smiley:


There is something going on and I asked customer support. They said it was some tests of their algorithm taking place.


I have no idea who does and who does not make an effort, but why do you assume that it is a willing choice? Not everyone is a marketing expert. If we all were, I think the marketing/advertising categories would be a lot more competitive than they are. :slight_smile: Some people will never be an expert in marketing, and they shouldn’t be criticized for that. Lack of results is not always from lack of effort. Success often (not always) requires work, but work does not guarantee success.


I agree that lately there is something happening to lots of sellers and there is the message about tests of the algorithm so it may not be possible to do outside marketing that will replace lost sales for this reason.

Ordinarily I could do things to my gigs and also outside social media marketing and would see benefits but this is different lately.


Can you still find your gig where it used to be in the results? That would be the place to take a look at first, and then figure out the rest.


Choosing not to do something that could solve your “I don’t have any sales” issue, IS a willing choice. If you want more sales, you’ll choose to do something about it. You’ll get out there and promote your services – just like any business does. Promotion is a fact of business, and it is a prerequisite for sales.

No one says you have to be a marketing expert. You just have to figure out who your target audience is, and go tell them about your services. How someone chooses to do that is entirely up to them. However, marketing IS necessary for business success. It always has been. Choosing not to promote is a choice, and it’s a choice that will lead to fewer sales.

I’m not criticizing people for their lack of marketing skills, I’m prodding them to get out there and promote their gigs. Skill and action aren’t mutually exclusive. But if you don’t take action, it doesn’t matter what skills you have, because you’re setting yourself up for failure.

You’re never going to get anywhere… if you tie yourself to a post.

Success always requires work. Always – unless you’re lucky enough to win $1 million dollars in the lottery – but even then, you still had to go out and purchase a lottery ticket. :wink:

You run a business here on Fiverr – your gigs are your business. Every business, since the dawn of commerce, has had to market and promote their services to the people that need those services. You have no excuse for choosing not to do so.

You have every ability to both tell your market about your services (regardless of your marketing skills), and learn more about marketing – so that you do have skills.

You have no excuses. Get out there and do something. Get out there and promote!


i agree with you, we need to adapt with every situation


My gig is not very visible and also there is something else involved besides where your gig is in the search results. I’m not sure how it works but it is possible that you could be well placed in the results but have few impressions for example.


True! If it’s there, then there’s nothing to worry about and should only give it more time. If not, then one should be worried and take the next steps.


You’re correct, there’s something going on lately and it seems to have little to do with how Sellers rank within Fiverr.

Fiverr’s rank on Alexa has fallen dramatically recently. This usually happens when a company isn’t advertising.

Why Fiverr is not advertising is another topic for debate!


I am also agree NO orders from one month.