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Norma de cobrar pasados tres días de la review


Estoy teniendo problemas con mi jefe porque he realizado un pago antes de haber recibido el trabajo.

Yo realicé el pago porque sabía la norma de que el diseñador no cobraría hasta que no le escribiésemos la review.

Me gustaría que alguien me pasase un enlace al punto en el que se especifica esta norma en las FAQ ya que no logro encontrarlo.


You might get an answer more easily if you can write fairly clearly in English. Maybe someone else will understand your question, but this is the best I got from Google translate:

I 'm having trouble with my boss because I’ve made ​​a payment before receiving the job.
I made the payment because he knew the rule that the designer does not charge you until you were to write the review.
I wish someone pass me a link to the point where this standard is specified in the FAQ achievement no longer to find it.

I understand that you seem to have purchase a gig. All gigs have to be paid before the work can start. The seller doesn’t get the money until 14 days after you Mark the gig complete, with or without a review. Here is a link on that:

If the seller does deliver your order has described in his or her gig description, you can’t ask for your money back just because it’s not to you or your boss’s taste. To get your money back you’d have to show a very good reason.