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Normal response time from customer service?


Hi, I recently contacted CS after encountering a problem. After a couple of days when I still hadn’t heard from them, I realized I left out some pertinent info from the first message I sent, so I sent another. It’s been about 4 days since the second message and I haven’t heard back from them on either. Is that normal? I’m a buyer and I’m kind of stuck until I get this issue straightened out and I have several gigs I want to order. If you know that it does normally take them several days to get back, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know. I don’t know what else to do – other than wait.


Depending on the issue at hand, it will either take 48hours or longer to hear from them. Try not to send any more messages till the initial ones are answered.


I typically get a response within the first several hours of sending out the request. It all depends on what is needed.


Thanks topaz and abauer. I will just hang in there and wait a few more days. Appreciate the answers.


I forgot to ask – do they reply via the website or to your email? Thanks.


Hi. I hope you received a reply from CS in the meantime, if not, perhaps this may help - unless you sent them a direct email (not recommended) instead of a ticket, while you should get a response to your mail in either case, if you sent a ticket via the zendesk ticket system, you can also check the activity/status of your ticket/s when you´re logged in:

Even when you´re already logged into your Fiverr account, you´ll still have to “Sign in” there, then you get a drop-down with “My activities” where you can see all your tickets, current and past.

Once you opened a ticket regarding a specific issue, it´s recommended to keep adding to that ticket if needed instead of creating new tickets (for the same issue, that is; of course, for a new issue, create a new ticket :slight_smile: ).

You can also “create a follow-up” to tickets marked as closed/solved by clicking on that ticket’s “title” and then the link below the last reply in the “ticket conversation thread”.

Regarding response time, I usually receive responses within 24 hours, but sometimes it takes more. If it´s things like technical errors/bugs that occurred and which they can´t figure out, they still send a mail saying that they passed it on to the tech team and that they´ll inform me when there´s any news about it or something like that.

Also, after sending a ticket, you should get an automated first reply mail telling you they received your ticket and “the current average response time is 24 (48) hours” or something the like.
If you didn´t get that mail, perhaps check again, including your spam folder, and if nothing´s there, log in as mentioned above, to check if they actually received your ticket at all.


Oh my gosh, miiila, thank you so much!! I did as you suggested and I did have a response from them! I didn’t even know. I was thinking it would come to my messages. :o/ (newb) If you hadn’t included that zendesk link, I’m not sure I’d ever have found it or known there was a message. There are aspects of the site that are not user friendly to me, and that is one of them. So thank you, sincerely. :smile:


I’d say 2-6 hours on average from personal experience. :thinking: