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Not a fan of the latest changes


I logged in yesterday after a weekend away and found my icons changed.

Not a fan of the new look. The “To Do”, the “Notifications” I liked the Message “Word Balloon” much better.

This is one Fiverr member that would like to see the familiar easy to use options back.


Yep, I really liked seeing how many ‘to-do’s’ I had - now the number has gone :frowning:


Agreed, the new layout changes are much less intuitive and user friendly overall.

  • The icons are not immediately identifiable, simple text was much more intuitive. Switching from text to icons is purely a case of blindly following trends rather than focusing on practical functionality. (That said, using icons on mobile for space-saving does make sense, but not on desktop for god’s sake.)

  • Multiple clicks required to view Sales & Shopping overviews.

  • Number of reviews removed from gig listings (all I see now are ambiguous yellow dots; see attachment). This is important information I use and have always used to evaluate gigs as a shopper; requiring a click through to view it is ridiculous.

    That said, I do like that the inbox is added as a top level menu item, but not at the cost of the Shopping & Sales pages. If those HAVE to be stuck in the dropdown menu, at least make them a single click so I’m not forced to screw with your flashy new toggle menu. Functionality > flashiness


Prefer the old layout, defo not as user friendly. If its not broke, do not fix it, just add the odd new feature.