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Not a good first experience


I need a logo for my business & submitted a request for offers to design for me. got quite a few offers & chose one seller based on quality of samples displayed from what seemed to be previous work & turnaround time. price didnt concern me.
after contacting the seller when deadline expired she told me just a couple of minutes. couple of minutes later, I got what looked like stock clip art with nothing to do with my business, I asked for a revision, then became suspicious. the profile picture was of a Russian model with no connection to the seller, then further digging i found 3 of the sample logos to be ripped off other sites where credit is to the actual designer. I submitted a complaint to fiverr and have heard nothing back. looks like I was foolish for not contracting a professional design studio.


It can take a couple of days for Customer Services to get back to you, but they will, they’re very good!

Hope you get it sorted out soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sorry this happened to you!
Customer support will contact you but they can take a few days sometimes as offlinehelpers said.


So Sorry for your bad Experience.

Don’t Worry you will get Reply By fiverr CS they Will . they just take Some Time that’s it But Don’t Worry ! you will.


Did you contact the support service? Let us know what happened.


the order was cancelled, heard nothing back from Fiverr. now it shows $10 added back to my account, lost a dollar, oh well I consider it my punishment. now, without spending hours searching how do I get my money back. I have no intention of ever using services here again.


Ita totally fine ^^
It happen to me three times on two weeks. Just cancel the order and report the seller. The support team will solve it for you and you will get your money back.


If you use fiverr again, then you will not lose that dollar ^^


It is more the principle than the money, I have lost far more through mistakes but I will ask for my money back. I have no intention of ever visiting Fiverr after I get a resolution about my funds.


so sorry to hear that! but like any other freelancing site in fiverr there is also a lot of unskilled designer here!
as a buyer you need to be wise and find the right person,
personally i think, when you post a job, most of the quote you will get from new seller! cause who are already working for a long time most of them actually dont have time to send quote as they already have plenty of work on list! so better you choose your artist from a direct search if you have any confusion!
see the reviews and work the seller have done already, you will get clear idea, is a clip art artist or real artist when you will visit their profile!
the whole process will take 10-15 mins max! but its worth it! and once you find the right person, you can come back any time , no need to search again, cause you already know its the right person


I spent quite a lot of time searching for seller & based my decision on quality of sample work shown. didnt realize I would have to do third party checks as well to find out the seller was using stolen works & passing them off as her own. even the profile pic is of a Russian model I later discovered.


Sadly, it’s a fact that there are a good number of sellers here who just slap clip art together,
and some of those lucky sellers do well and get good reviews for a while …
until one buyer ( in this case you) realizes that they are not as good as they seem to be.

Checking out their samples and reviews is one way to check if they are decent or not,
and the other way is to check their profile pic. If it’s a model or some celebrity, the chances are that seller can’t be trusted.
It does suck that you need to do this in order to find a decent seller, but I guess the same thing could be said outside Fiverr? It takes only a few minutes on Google reverse image search, and it’s worth going through that.
It’s only your first time, I won’t want you to think that Fiverr is terrible.


I think the logo section is the worst for this sort of thing. I hear about it happening the most
there, not that there aren’t some excellent sellers in that section but it seems to have the most bad ones.