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Not a level one seller yet?




You Need Get A Minimum of 10 Good Feedback or maybe a minimum of 10 order delivred or completed … if all this happens to you , then please wait for server update …

may take upto 12hour… after that ,if you see its still nothing happens then please contact customer support


I believe you need to have an account which has been selling for more than 30 days. Although your account is 4 months old, I see your oldest gig is 15 days.


Its been three months and Im 68% from getting to level 2. This is sad! :frowning:


I contacted Customer support… no response… and it has been a month now for my first gig… Really something that is a bit frustrating as I know levels can help you out!


Fiverr levels are a bit confusing… I have been on Fiverr for less than 2 months and already I am level 2 and have a featured gig. Even though they say that you need to have x and y to be promoted Level 1/Level 2, I swear that they sometimes handpick people or something! It was less than a week when I got my Level 1 status, then less than 3 days after that I got level 2 status. Just keep contacting CS until they give you the level you deserve! It’s in their best interest for you to get your levels and stay on Fiverr because they get commission every time you sell a gig by doing nothing at all. Hang in there!


Do you have any warnings? Maybe you have too many cancellations?


Thanks for suggestions everyone!