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Not a safe platform!

Take a look at conversation really embarrass buyer hire me after complete delivery and mark as successful i live his website and now after 5 days of successful delivery He cancel the order , i don’t think it’s safe ,

pransh0286 Today at 09:09

See my delivery was accepted by client and i live his website and give all files and now after 5 days of successful delivery he cancel my order , is this the safe PLATFORM for me in future because without consulting me you cancel the order and here i am waiting for the money of my work which i did , so it’s totally my waste of time , i did work send files to buyer and at end you cancel the order

Mitch Today at 12:48
Hi there,
Thank you for your prompt response.
Please keep in mind that when you don’t get paid, neither does Fiverr, and that we want every Gig order to be successful. If a buyer abused his PayPal privileges, it is something literally beyond our control, but our Trust & Safety Team is already reviewing this buyer’s actions.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
To clarify furthermore,as we Fiverr is only a platform where services/business takes place we cannot force anyone to either work professionally or behave responsibly.
Therefore,we can only review this user and forward the request to our Trust & Safety team.
Due to our Privacy Policy we cannot disclose any actions taken upon this user.
We are sorry for your bad experience.

Sorry to hear about your experience. To me it sounds like the buyer did a charge back which means Paypal refunded the money to him. There is nothing you can do about it. It doesn’t happen very often but it does. I have been here for about 1 1/2 years and never had any problems. Yes it stinks but move on and don’t get caught up with one bad egg in the pot. If the website is still up and running through a 3rd party site such as wix or godaddy make sure to contact them and ask them to take it down. Best of luck!!

P.S Your thread was moved to “Ranting Pot”

As annai80 said, this was from Paypal, not fiverr, who refunded the buyer’s money.
Fiverr does not get paid either when this happens. It happens to most sellers at some time. Sorry this happened to you.